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Terms of use


  • The service is designed for placing (storing) and publishing graphic files on Internet resources at the discretion of the user.
  • The use of the service means acceptance of all the rules set forth herein, as well as the voluntary consent of the user to assume the obligation to comply with them.
  • The service is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.
  • The publication of images is made by the user on his own initiative. The administration of the service is not responsible for the content of graphic files and other information posted by users, as well as any damage caused by (not) using the services provided by the service.
  • It is strictly prohibited to place materials containing pornography, scenes and calls for violence, images of anti-state orientation, calling for racial or national intolerance, violating privacy and other data contrary to the legislation of the Russian Federation, and also contrary to moral and ethical standards.
  • The service administration reserves the right to remove any materials posted by users without notice.
  • The server administration reserves the right to amend the present Rules unilaterally at any time.
  • Limitations:

    2.1.  The term of placement (storage) from the moment of the last access to graphic files is:
    – 60 days for unregistered,
    – 90 days for registered users,
    – unlimited for premium accounts.

    Direct access to the file is not taken into account.

  • Only graphic files 10 Mb can be uploaded.
  • The size of one file should not exceed 20 Mb.
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